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The avid readers of this blog – both of you – will know that yours truly doesn’t delve too regularly into the world of anti-capitalist guerilla art.

And while many would count the lack of discussion of the melancholic and post-situationist tradition as one of this website’s few blessings, artist Robert Montgomery’s latest piece – on a billboard just off Bethnal Green Road – is worth sharing.

Much of Montgomery’s work appears (probably illegally) on sites all over the East End of London. A pain for the brand and media owner which obviously can’t be endorsed – but also a powerful example of what’s special about outdoor.

The rain on your face in a blank springtime morning might nourish you. But, if you’re honest with yourself, Stella Artois cidre probably won’t.

Would those words work in a radio ad? In a piece of direct mail? Or on the telly? Maybe a little. But stick them on a billboard and they become something special – which is probably why (like any creative worth his salt) he’s picked the outdoor medium…

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