I can’t pretend to have ever understood the appeal World of Warcraft holds. Indeed,  as an introverted, geeky teenager who spent his teenage years locked in a bedroom poring my a guitar and the sheet music for 80s anti-capitalist punk bands (and not really talking to any girls, ever) I always viewed those contemporaries who locked themselves away in their rooms and pored over World of Warcraft with a 16 year old’s haughty disdain. 

How wrong I was. While the SoCal punk heroes of my youth are now either dead, or even worse still writing songs about skateboarding, World of Warcraft is a multi gazillion dollar industry and franchise which is actually pretty cool.

And so is some of their advertising. Earlier in November, this photo of a taxi getting totalled by a gigantic axe was doing the rounds on Twitter. I don’t understand the significance of the axe, of necessarily what a Warlord of Draenor is, but I do know a good outdoor PR stunt when I see one…

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