Blink and you’ll miss it


Some of the best outdoor ads succeed because they are aware of their surroundings – referencing their place in the built environment in a which that helps them to stand out from those anodyne, repetitive marketing messages that lazier brands and agencies (none of them read this, of course) sometimes seem to copy and paste from TV, to magazine, to 6-sheet.

This tube poster for Hive (a technology that links your central heating and your smartphone) is *very* self aware, making reference to the fact that hurried tube riders are, well, often in a hurry…with copy tailored for the time between trains. I loved it. This first shot (taken with the train arriving imminently) is the whole ad:



This second one is taken as I realise the tube is nearly upon me… but I haven’t got a readable close up of the copy..



By the time this third is taken, I am at one with the copy and grumbling at my camera phone “my train is practically here…”




And then this (which is the central train to Hainault arriving, with a bit of the ad just visible through the window).


I love it!


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