Watch out for that hoooooooooooooooooooole



I was at Westfield in Stratford this weekend – it’s what one does on a bank holiday when you are too old for a three day rave in a Hackney Wick warehouse, but too young and poor to have a front lawn that needs mowing – and as ever, London’s best mall was a cornucopia of capitalist delights.

Among the many, many ads which caught my eye was this absolute beauty, advertising the film Blackwood at the Stratford Vue Cinema. The premise is simple enough – on the floor were some instructions, directing my attention at a massive sticker about five feet away.

Those may or may not be my natty shoes…but as my identity is a closely guarded secret, I’m not going to comment on them (or their stylish red laces) any further.

As the sticker on the floor suggested, by viewing the picture five feet in front of us through a camera phone, it would magically create a 3D image. Here’s what that sticker looked like from behind (photos taken from this angle don’t appear 3D). It’s just a normal ad on the floor, right?

Not that impressive. But when you view from the correct angle, and use the magic of smartphone technology, suddenly it starts to look a lot more like a hole. Dangerous!

But the magic *really* happens when you persuade some distracted girl holding a half-eaten bag of toffee popcorn and pic ‘n’ mix to stand on the sticker and look sassy:

Good god – she’s levitating! It must be all of the cola bottles…

Hats off to the people who created this – it’s fun, shareable and really cleverly designed. All things, incidentally, which Luc Besson’s new film Lucy are not (as you might be able to tell by the facial expression of the girl in the yellow skirt, who had just sat through two hours of it…)

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