Outdoor Remembers


Deep emotion and advertising aren’t always easy bedfellows, but last week – on the 100th anniversary of World War One’s beginning – hundreds of digital screens screens across the crountry were involved in the pogiant ‘Lights Out’ vigil, which saw homes up and down the country extinguish their lights, leaving only a candle burning in a window. 

Digital is a brilliant medium for national occasions such as this, allowing messages to be transmitted across the UK to millions of people (and all at very short notice). For brands who have got the creativity to be fleet of foot, it really can play a part in reflecting national moments. But on this occasion, how lovely to see the industry come together – and help promote a national moment of reflection.


PS media Owners who carried the campaign include Amscreen, blowUP Media, Clear Channel, Elonex Outdoor Media, Forrest Outdoor Media, Maxx Media, MediaCo Outdoor, Ocean Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Primesight, RedBus Media and Signature Outdoor. Hats off to all of them.


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