Morrisons Bring The Pun


Everyone – and by everyone, I do particularly mean the readers of this blog – loves a bad pun, delivered unapologetically and with brio, in a style the befits a regional Dad desperately trying to establish enough emotional rapport with his children to distract them for at least half a minute from level 46 of Candy Crush Saga®.

So in that spirit, hats off to the latest campaign from Morrisons – truly the regional dad of the supermarket sector – who are using outdoor (tick) to explain to us unruly consumers that they’ve started delivering their food to houses in London.

With an admirable disregard for the sort of superficially-attractive-but intellectually-empty high-end, high-concept, high-art advertising belched out by the frustrated creatives littering London’s agencies, Morrisons’ marketeers have stuck closely to the Tube Names + Food Names = Good Pun formula that probably made British advertising great.


Westminster? West-mince-ster! Limehouse? Lime-House! Tottenham? Totten-ham!

You probably think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not: in an age of Judy Dench narrated Ikea bed adverts, what could be more refreshing than a shameless combination of food puns and transport terminals?

The whole thing is an Angel delight.



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