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When you think of Ibiza, what images are brought to mind? Jade Jagger, in a white billowing dress, sipping cocktails by an infinity pool the size of a Premiership football pitch? Or perhaps it’s the sight of your unruly neighbours’ children – the ones who tried to set fire to your springer spaniel, and bullied your kids – marauding down the strip in Playa d’en Bossa, eyes staring in independent directions, lager and expletives dribbling from their mouths, with a tattered West Ham shirt and an ITV 3 documentary team following limply behind them?

Well I’ve just been – and can exclusively reveal that Ibiza doesn’t really conform to either of those stereotypes (it’s just much better and much worse than both) – but one thing those global nightclub brands have got down pat is their marketing. Who woulda thought it?

The one that really caught my eye was for a party at Ushuaia called “Ants”. For the uninitiated, these parties involve famous DJs, dance-floors, drinks and fun, and are a money spinner for the musicians, labels, venues and promoters alike. This means meaty marketing budgets are thrown at helping the different parties attract the young, relatively affluent crowd of holiday markers on the Islands…so it’s only natural that outdoor is part of that mix.

I saw a few nice tactics for the Ants party – starting with some nicely designed monochrome billboards in Ibiza Town:


All very nice – and certainly better designed than some of the other posters I saw.

But what I really liked was the viral marketing / outdoor media crossover, which encouraged clubbers to tattoo (albeit temporarily) the logo onto their bodies…which naturally got all of the other clubbers talking (and turned revellers into human billboards. Examples below:

Pretty smart stuff. Indeed, you could say that this party’s marketing team had really upped the ant-y. But you won’t, of course, because you’re better than that.

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