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A London start-up has bagged itself a high-profile billboard on Old Street – the mecca for Britain’s ageing hipsters, fledgling coders and minted bankers – helping to take their business from t’interweb to IRL (both technical terms, you’ll understand)., a London-based creative network, will have the 160 square metre blowUP media giant poster displaying their logo in the heart of Tech City for two weeks, as well securing one million online ad impressions to promote their business following their winning entry, as part of software company Sage’s prize to the creative community start-up.
What does this mean? Who can say?

What does this mean? Who can say?

After video entries and a public vote, also won the chance to work with OgilvyOne, as well as an illustrator from’s own creative network – who worked on the  final design.

it’s a sign of my age, perhaps, that I’ve understood less than 20% of the words in my own blogpost – but I’m confident in saying this: massive posters in Old Street are a good thing (and they’re even better when you win ’em).

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