Sin City


Every so often, a decision is taken by the great and the good who police adland, that seems so baffling that it’s impossible to understand why it’s been taken.

This week, we saw just one of those crazy judgement calls – from the Motion Picture Association of America – that just doesn’t seem to make any sense.

The offending ad features French actress Eva Green, holding a gun (you know, those things we use to kill each other) and posing next to a window with the slogan “I’ve been especially bad”. It’s for the sequel to a film noir that you probably didn’t take the kids to see, called Sin City.

Here is the unedited poster, which contains a woman *holding a gun*. 

And here is the same poster, which by dint of the airbrush techniques of MPAA, is now totally inoffensive and suitable for a family audience. You’ll note she’s still holding a gun..

But it’s OK, because if you look incredibly hard, you’ll be abe to tell that the censors have made her top 1% less see-through. Land of the free, eh? 

Poster Boy


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