Attempt the Unthinkable


With England’s World Cup campaign just a few weeks away (I know! I’m as excited as you are!) the advertising jamboree that accompanies (and funds) events of this nature is beginning to limber up on the touchline, spit orange rinds from its mouth, and mouth unintelligible threats at an over-extended and entirely metaphorical referee.

Still with me? Good. Because in Clerkenwell, Shoreditch and a few other choices environs for the Instagram generation, some nice street-art style outdoor ads have started appearing, flogging the wares of Nike (and, frankly, making them look pretty damn impressive). 

The campaign comes with its own hashtag – Attempt The Unthinkable – which is cute (especially given England’s chances of escaping alive from the group of death…)

Have a good one,

Poster Boy


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