It’s Time To Quit


Welcome to 2014! If you are anything like the rest of the advertising industry, you’re starting the new year with a tender liver, an expanding waistline and – if you’re a committed smoker – a voice that sounds like Darth Vader on 40-a-day.

You’ve also probably resolved to live a little bit more healthily this year – which is why I was interested to see the Department of Health (and their media agency) blitzing billboards with some some especially lurid anti-smoking ads.

Whatever you think of the rights and wrongs of fags (I think they’re deliciously disgusting, obviously) January is the perfect time of year to be running the campaign.

Fancy a tab mate? No? All the more for me thenmm

Fancy a tab mate? No? All the more for me then. Delicious!

Now, has anyone seen my nicotine gum?

Happy New Year,

Poster Boy


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