Out and about in Iceland


I spent this weekend in the sunny climes of Reykjavik – capital city of Iceland, and a hipster playground for beautiful Northern Europeans with carefully constructed facial hair and avant-garde knitted trousers. It was heaven.

But it’s a long way from London, Toto, and outdoor ads just aren’t as prevalent as they are in the UK (understandable, perhaps, when you consider the small population and the four months of sparse, watery wintertime daylight that would send me into a semi-permanent hibernation).

However, there were a couple of typically witty pieces of OOH media which I managed to snap….and which both reflect the quirky, outdoorsy nature of Icelanders.

The first were these head rest covers on the Wow Air flight:

20131216-092008 pm.jpg

Cintamani’s enthusiasm for bigging itself up without any real proof points certainly went down well with me, and on a plane packed with hikers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts, an ad for an outdoor equipment brand was spot on.

20131216-092119 pm.jpg

And this ad for magazine 66• North just summed up the whole island for me. Good looking, coolly executed and exotically hirsute. What more could you ask for?

Poster Boy


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