It’s Got Our Name On It


Want to know a secret? Despite my famously youthful appearance, I am getting to the age where, unhappily and definitely for the first time, I’m starting to pay attention to DIY adverts. So a clever new ad from Wickes caught my eye earlier this week, when the firm created an imitation building site on London’s busy Elephant and Castle roundabout, with a little help from their friends…*

The scene, which has been developing around the premium Primesight media location over the past two weeks, aims to grab the attention of a passing trade audience, while generating anticipation ahead of this week’s big reveal of stand-out 3D special-builds.

The special-builds, which feature a partially built roof, demonstrating insulation, and a giant radiator from Wickes’ deal range, are designed to remind skilled DIYers, and rank amateurs like me, that it’s time to pull our collective fingers out and get ready for winter.

Let’s take a look:

unnamed (1)

Now, I’m not an expert but the billboard above looks like a loft… and the one below looks like a radiator.

This is a radiator. Any idea how to bleed one? No? Me neither mate. you'd better get a guy in

This is a radiator. Any idea how to bleed one? No? Me neither mate. You’d better get a guy in..

Pretty hot stuff, for the cold depths of November…am I right?

Have a good one,

Poster Boy

* The campaign activation was devised, planned and implemented by pioneering out-of-home (OOH) communications agency, Posterscope, with support from redefining media agency Carat, psLIVE, Hyperspace, media owner Primesight, and The Incredibly Smart Production Company. Well done chaps… trebles all round!


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