Stella Cidre! (Just Add Sunshine)


As our endless winter enters its fifth, frigid decade (I exaggerate, but only slightly) I was interested to see that Stella Artois (who manage to flog mind-bending cooking lager to yobs like me while also running consistently interesting advertising) are about to run a new outdoor campaign.

But it’s a canny (geddit?) campaign with a bit of a difference, using the latest gadgets to produce real-time, thermo-activated advertising based on the temperature in a specific location.

Yes, you read that correctly – thermo-activated billboards which only start to run Cidre ads when the temperature rises 2 degrees above the national average, won’t run them in locations where it’s raining and won’t even get out of bed when it’s feeling chilly. Which, frankly, is genius.

Expecting to see this ad over the summer? No? Me neither.

Expecting to see this ad over the summer? No? Me neither.

Stella has worked with those pointy heads at Posterscope and the boffins at Liveposter to build the bespoke scheduling system from which the campaign will operate. The only question which sprang to my mind was this: if the sun doesn’t come out until 2019, will Stella still have to pay for the media space?

Here’s hoping we don’t have to find out.

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