Live From Down Under


Nothing makes me happier than an email from an exotic and faraway foreign land. Whether it’s a poorly worded imploration to buy some Bermudan Viagra, a promise of unclaimed winnings in the Dutch lottery, or an amusingly implausible request from a Nigerian bank manager (“you could make millions if you’d stop wasting time on that obscure blog, Mr Poster Bouy!”) nothing gladdens the heart and stiffens the sinews more than the thought of my mushrooming international fan club.

So imagine my delight when I received a missive – on outdoor advertising, no less – all the way from sunny Australia. After he got in touch via email, I asked John Reardon from the Mobile Billboard Company to write a few words on the challenges and opportunities of mobile outdoor in a country so big it makes the UK look like a postage stamp. Over to John:

“Whether you know it as “The land Down Under” or that place to “Chuck a shrimp on the Barbie”, there is no denying the sheer size, expanse and geography that is Australia.

It’s the world’s smallest continent. With close to 7.7 million square kilometres of land, many of the 23 million population whom are physically active and outdoor individuals live near, or within driving distance to the beach.

You can literally drive for days between major cities and in the same trip, change time zones not once but twice.

Simply put; there is a lot of space in Australia.

Because of this, Mobile Billboard Advertising remains as one of the most captive (and popular) methods to reach an audience always on the move.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of Australia (OMA) lists “Out of Home” advertising revenues in excess of $500 million per year in Australia and continuing to grow. Mobile Billboards make a small part of this sum, but are an increasingly popular platform as advertisers are finding consumer media habits forever changing.”

John went on to explain that Mobile Billboards were particularly useful in the Australian market because of their ability to go where other media can’t and where no other signage is available, especially in remote areas.

On top of that, they do so in the best advertising medium known to man, and often have complete exclusivity as they can be placed far from any competing ads, giving the viewer an exclusive message.

John and his team provide a nationwide service and in such a large country such as Australia, it’s quite the challenge. He explains that, for example, if he was to run an advertising campaign that would see a Mobile Billboard drive from one tip of the country to the next, (Hobart, Tasmania to Cairns, Queensland), it would be a little over 3800kms.

So to put this in perspective, that’s an equivalent of driving a Mobile Billboard vehicle from London, England to Athens, Greece. Which rather puts your 45 minute commute to work into perspective, doesn’t it?

Anyway – many thanks to John for getting in touch, and do check out his business at

As ever, get in touch on if you’ve got a story to tell about outdoor.

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