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The Barbican is one of London’s cultural gems, smashing together world-class art, theatre, music, dance and film in one gigantic concrete megadome.

To promote their “Dancing around Duchamp Season” – celebrating the legacy of French surrealist, Dadaist and all round avant-garde superhero Marcel Duchamp – the Barbican is employing every half decent artist’s ad medium of choice: outdoor.

A series of teaser posters were placed in “creative hotspots*” around London(Hackney/Shoreditch/New Cross/Peckham/Camberwell) last week, featuring iconic artwork and oblique quotations which will only be unveiled to be a Barbican campaign when the ‘reveal’ posters are placed over the top at the end of January. Zing!

A wider outdoor campaign will launch on 28 Jan with the ‘reveal’ posters going up in high footfall tube and rail spots across London. Sounds pretty highbrow, right?

Are urinals art? Yes they are, thickies

Are urinals art? Yes they are, thickies

Well it is….apart, maybe, from the urinal.

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PS For more on our Marcel, click here

* Or as I call them, “Berk Clusters”


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