Let’s Get Trendy


Christmas party season is bearing down on us again, like a drunken uncle at a Harvester restaurant – and all over the country, men, women and OMC employees are donning their skimpiest party frocks (here’s looking at you) and heading out on the tiles for some festive fun.

With bars, pubs and restaurants packed to the rafters in December, it’s also the perfect time get your brand in front of people looking for a last minute Christmas gift. So spare a thought for the busy folks at Trendy Media – an outdoor owner specialising in restaurant, bar, pub and club advertising. Trendy have just launched a brand new campaign for Elizabeth Arden, which is is using both the vending and advertising capabilities of their “Trendy Vend” dispensers, to promote the Britney Spears Fantasy Twist fragrance.

For those of you who don’t spend a lot of time hanging around in the ladies’ toilets of upmarket London nightclubs (there must be some of you) this is what a Trendy Vend looks like:

It's a magic box of advertising FUN

It’s a magic box of advertising FUN

As well as looping a TV ad for the product (watch it here) and sell other toilet essentials, Trendy Vends also spit out samples – like this one, for our Britney’s perfume:

Don't worry Bill, your wife will LOVE this.

Don’t worry Bill – your wife will probably love it.




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