Elevating Outdoor


Yours truly last wrote about ads on lifts about twelve months ago. Back then it was just a few weeks to Jesus’s birthday and I, totally unprepared, was stumbling desperately around Westfield in Stratford, in the vain hope of buying enough tat to keep my grasping family quiet for another Christmas.

Fast forward a year and I’m preparing to make the same pilgrimage to the Church of Shopping – along with hundreds of thousands of others desperate to get their hands on this year’s best tat gifts.

The increased footfall in shopping centres during November and December makes them an especially attractive place for brands. Mall advertising specialist Limited Space has a range shopping centre products designed to grab that young, wealthy, mobile OOH audience – including ‘AdLift’. As the name suggests, AdLift is a way of branding lifts – which have high dwell time in an environment full of people just desperate to spend their dollar.

Earlier this month Ford joined a growing number of automotive advertisers in the mall environment to choose Limited Space’s Adlift format. The aim was to create awareness of the launch of the new Ford B-Max and drive online search to the Ford website:

It’s a cool creative, which reached 6 million shoppers in two weeks – and with crowds of badly organised men like me about to hit the shops, now’s a great time to use an elevator to give your brand… a bit of a lift!*

Until next time,

* Pulitzer Pun Prize nominations to the usual address..


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