Love It Or Hate It


You either love it Marmite or you hate it, if the ad men are to be believed. They shouldn’t be, of course (my Marmite ennui stands as testament to that) but this autumn the makers of the nation’s favourite spreadable yeast extract are asking people to ‘Like’ their brand page on Facebook.

Why? Well Marmite are sponsoring this year’s Oxford Street Christmas lights, turned on (depressingly early) in the first week of November by alien abductee, Take That dancer and irritatingly wadded solo artist Robbie Williams. At the centrepiece of this slightly tawdry but inexplicably popular spectacle (that’s the lights, not Robbie) is a big Marmite Gold logo. And for one lucky Facebook fan, there’s the chance to win loads of jars of it, help switch the lights on and see Robbie Williams in his ageing flesh.

Marmite: it’s OK to feel ennui

And as soon as the lights go on? Jars of illuminated Marmite, on Britain’s busiest and most iconic shopping street, for the duration of 2012’s most intense period of retail activity.

If that’s not the cheekiest piece of outdoor advertising I’ve seen all Christmas Winter Autumn, then I don’t know what is.

** UPDATE **

The lights are on:

Happy Halloween (!)


PS I’ll grab a snap and upload it as soon as they’re turned on… I’ll be waiting in the front row for Robbie until then..


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