Billboard Bond


He is an international man of mystery, who has escaped from countless life-threatening situations, prefers his martinis shaken not stirred and is one of Britain’s most iconic exports. Women want him, and men want to be him. He looks great in a tuxedo, has a licence to kill and I’m pretty sure that’s a pistol in his pocket.

But that’s enough about Bill Wilson – because it’s actually James Bond (returning to our cinemas at the end of October in new movie Skyfall) who has been causing this week’s biggest stir in outdoor .

First, there was a new version of the ongoing GREAT campaign, which saw Britain’s most famous cinematic export gracing outdoor sites across the globe:

Not content with a classy rework of the most successful government marketing campaign in recent history, Bond also popped up on Ocean Outdoor’s IMAX 17282m banner in London.

Massive film, massive ad.

It’s an advertising space almost as massive as the franchise it’s promoting, and looks fantastic from a distance and even better when you’re close up… which is exactly what Daniel Craig has always said about me.



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