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It’s been a long, long time* since yours truly last woke up after lunch, smoked some rollies while watching Neighbours, thought glumly about the mountainous debt I’d accrued to leave East Anglia and steadily ignored all of my textbooks. That’s partly because it never happened (as I was too busy enjoying solitary breakfasts in the library, reading Hegel, and, strangely, not having a girlfriend).

Back then, in those halcyon days, outdoor ads were the last thing on my mind. But these days, students are better. They carry iPads instead of books, have swapped Oxfam for Topman and are a bit more commercially savvy than my lot ever were. In fact, they have a combined spending power of over £20bn –  and this is where Redbus Media Group come in.

Redbus is a media agency specialising in sites on 120 University campuses (campii? No, son. It’s campuses) across the UK. It’s the largest network of 6-sheets in the UK which exclusively targets learners, providing access to 2.3 million students – or 50% of all 18-24 years olds in the UK.

Chance of her kissing you while you’re wearing that jumper? 0%.

It means brands can accurately target young people at the point in their life where product loyalty is starting to form, on campuses where free Wi-fi make it very easy to Google the brand you’ve just seen on a 6-sheet. Pretty smart stuff.

Have a good weekend,


* 5 years. Thanks for asking.


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