Verifone? Veri Smart


I jumped in a cab on the way to the pub a meeting last week (I know, they’re obviously paying me too much) and was lucky enough to be able to dodge my cabbie banter duties* thanks to a fancy Verifone advertising screen, installed in the back of the Sherbet Dab.**

Being an easily impressed sort of chap (as well as one who writes a blog about advertising) I took a quick snap of the ad running for an airport transfer service, hosted on a Verifone screen.

They should call this “Cabvertising”. You can have that for free, Verifone

Verifone is an increasingly popular choice for cabbies and advertisers alike. The 15cm colour screens run ads on a 30 second or 60 second loop, is fully customisable and only runs when there are passengers in the car. With the average cab ride taking 14 minutes, it’s a good way to put your brand in front of a captive audience while they’re on the move, or just not confident enough to argue about how West Ham are getting on with a complete stranger..

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* My cabbie banter is a delight (italics are my emphasis). I usually open with football related anecdote (typically fabricated or misremembered) then move on to the traditional moan about how nothing in London is very good (even though it’s all ace, obviously), before making a wry, saucy and also patriotic comment about the Queen’s bum. The drivers love it, probably

** That’s Cockney for taxi, in case you were wondering


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