Digital Outdoor? Howzat!


Yours truly used to be a keen amateur cricketer – regularly appearing at the tail end of East Anglian village batting orders, resplendent in crisp whites, stiff pads, and an unjustifiably generous box.

In fact the only thing missing from the cricket grounds I graced in rural Norfolk (apart from a girlfriend, of course) was any innovative outdoor advertising… or any outdoor advertising at all.

So I was pleased to read that the England and Wales Cricket Board (that’s the ECB to old pros like me) have been experimenting with some innovative outdoor. I’m told that dynamic digital adverts were scrolled around the cricket field for the first time when England’s played South Africa in the first of now four one-day games.

Jaguar billboards at a cricket ground. Now, close your eyes and imagine them moving. That feeling you’re getting? Don’t fight it – It’s the magic of digital..

The ECB tried to begin the trial in Cardiff in late August but rain stopped play – as well as the electronic screens. Undeterred, the digital ads for Jaguar cars were scrolled round the ground at Southampton a few days later.

Ever conscious of the cricketing purist, the messages move – but never when the game was in play. Indeed they were designed specifically to stop when the bowler began his run-up, and only resumed once the ball was dead, to avoid distracting the players.

NB: all of the free Jaguar cars, international respect, public support, generous salary, lucrative sponsorship arrangements, English cricketing records and universal media acclaim can’t stop your hair falling out. Not that I’m jealous of Andrew Strauss.

Mark Pearce, Head of Commercial Partnerships at the ECB said: “Digital advertising boards are a great tool for our commercial partners to offer more engaging branding to fans watching in the stadium, and at home on Sky Sports HD.”

Jenny Smith, Sports Brand Partnerships Manager at Jaguar Cars, said: “As a proud partner of the ECB, we welcome this testing of digital advertising, which allows us to be more creative with our branding at cricket matches.”

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