This Is Great


The Olympics brought many things to London – including world-class athletes, a renewed sense of national pride, bus loads of lost tourists and some really good outdoor ads.

So how does the government – who’ve sprayed over £9bn of taxpayers’ money on a truly amazing party – cash in on the fact that we’re all feeling pretty pleased about our own ability to hold a kick-arse global sports day?

Well, with some tactical outdoor ads (obviously).

Mother and Radley Yeldar have created a pair of Olympic ads, which will run for two weeks across 500 outdoor spaces at UK train stations – donated by Network Rail. The pair are part of the long running (and excellent) GREAT campaign, designed to encourage everyone to holiday in Britain.

The first of the two executions shows the Olympic rings from the Opening Ceremony, with text reading: “This is GREAT Britain. Thank you to everyone who took part in London 2012.”

The second execution features British gold medallist Mo Farah imitating world record holder Usain Bolt’s signature arm gesture, next to Bolt imitating Farah’s ‘Mobot’ celebration…. and is the coolest thing I’ve seen since Bill Wilson moonwalked round the office at the last OMC Christmas party.

You know what? This is pretty bloody great

It’s easy to be cynical about stuff like this, but it’s a nice execution, on donated space, and features two of the coolest sportsmen on the planet…. so I’m not going to even try.

But are ads like this enough to change behaviour? Well, in my case the answer is no; I’m off on holiday to France, to drink pinot noir, eat smelly cheese and argue with my loved ones – but normal blogging service will be resumed at the end of August.

Au revoir for now,



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