He Who Dares…


With the Olympics tottering towards Britain like an enthusiastic, expensive (but probably loveable) toddler, advertising everywhere is getting in on the Games.

So over the next few weeks, I’ll be snapping the outdoor campaigns that I like (and maybe even some that I don’t) from the streets around my secret lair – just a stone’s throw away from the Olympic Park in Stratford.

First up is a couple of Cadbury’s posters in support of their ‘If GB Wins, You Win’ campaign. The premise is simple: buy a chocolate bar (never a bad thing) which will correspondent to a Cadbury’s sponsored Team GB athlete. If that athlete wins, you get a cash prize. Chocolate, cash and sporting success make this campaign the exact inverse of my childhood… so I’m sold already.

The posters themselves are decent too – with a member of the public’s face replacing the sculpted heads of our sporting heroes.

“Hands up if you prefer chocolate bars to going swimming”

If GB wins, you win. Geddit?

“Hands up if your ginger hair and glasses make finding a life partner challenging”

Sadly for all concerned, yours truly looks rather more like the second of these than the first – though I’m much more likely to be found getting stuck into a Crunchie than a canoe…

Have a good week,



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