Outdoor: The Queen of Ad Mediums


Last week’s Diamond Jubilee was probably 2012’s biggest global party – seeing men, women, children and Cliff Richard pack London’s streets for a Royalist Romp of epic proportion.

And with all of those millions packing roads, buses, tubes and riverbanks, outdoor ads were on hand to point people in the right direction, get people in the party spirit and even flog a few fajitas.

On the tube, some trains were wrapped in a special Jubilee design:

A nice touch, which was also repeated on the front of some of London’s Boris (or are they Barclay’s?) bikes.

Elsewhere on the underground network, TFL used outdoor to try and herd the millions of excited (read: slow walking, lost, loud and annoying) tourists through the subterranean tunnels of London (hat-tip to Annie Mole)

Subtext of ad: we know you’re excited to be in London, but please don’t stand in the middle of the platform asking strangers “how long does it take on the purple line to Oxford Court Square?” Instead, read the TFL website before leaving your house, and then completely ignore everyone, no matter what happens – just like a real Londoner.

And there was even a bit of FMCG brand activity to liven up proceedings. The Poster Boy award for most tenuous link between a foodstuff and the Diamond Jubilee is hereby presented to Old El Paso, for this piece of shameless opportunism:

Fajitas: The Queen’s 11th favourite Mexican supermarket budget meal. Now available at Harrods.

But the best piece of outdoor media from last weekend’s Jubilee wasn’t on a billboard, bus stop or Boris Bike – in fact, it wasn’t even paid for – but it dominated London’s South Bank and could be seen from miles around:

What a great site. Any chance we could get an Old El Paso ad on there?

Poster Boy


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