The Customer Journey


Wednesday morning saw the world of outdoor media descend on Leicester Square’s famous Odeon Cinema, for the world premiere of the OMC’s Customer Journey research.

After fighting my way through the paparazzi, sneaking undetected down the red carpet, and dodging past the A-list slebs (Bill Wilson first among them) yours truly settled into his comfy cinema seat to hear Mike Baker explain the latest on OOH’s relationship with the consumer.

OMC chief Mike Baker successfully resists the overwhelming urge to start singing

The research asked a nationally representative sample of 1,500 people all about their sources of media and their feelings on 15 different popular product categories, before asking a further 2,100 individuals to use a smartphone to keep a two week mobile diary into their media consumption.

These respondents recorded more 13,000 separate encounters with media – and advertising – of all types, with consumption of outdoor ads trailing only television in quantity. The figures also show that OOH has a powerful input at every stage of the customer journey – from “absorbing”, through to “planning”, “obtaining” and then “sharing” as well as being strongly linked with social media and search. A comprehensive run down of all the facts and figures can be found over here – but essentially, people are seeing lots of outdoor, thinking about it and searching for the products it advertises on the internet. It’s almost like this outdoor media thing is quite effective… but enough maths for one morning. Time for a video:

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