I Dove You Too, Tweetheart


Valentine’s Day for Poster Boy is a busy affair. There are always stacks of correspondence to respond to, the customary romantic breakfast, lunch and dinner (almost never with the same person) as well as the usual marriage proposals from glamorous strangers, desperate friends and lonely colleagues alike.

But somehow I managed to fight through the massed hordes of amorous humans threatening to batter down the door of my secret London office and sneak (heavily disguised) into Victoria Station, where I knew the only lasting object of my affections would be waiting for me. Namely, some interesting out-of-home advertising.

It must be Dove (Dove, Dove)

I’d heard that the Unilever-owned beauty brand, Dove, were doing something special on the Victoria  concourse – with its daily footfall of 350,000 people. And almost as soon as I arrived I was handed one of the paper birds pictured above – encouraging me to Tweet a soppy message to my many, many loved ones.

Reluctant to choose, I instead snapped another handsome couple who were being asked to share their loving thoughts via text or Twitter onto the big screen behind them.

Nothing says 'romance' like a loitering man in a high-vis jacket

I hung around for a while, reading the messages and silently correcting the spellings – as Dove’s brand ambassadors fanned out across the station, handing out tulips and paper birds to people waiting for the 12.45 to Gatwick.

He's not a keeper, Katie - he forgot the possessive apostrophe

If you want to be part of the campaign (created by Billington Cartmell and booked by Kinetic and Mindshare on JCDecaux sites) there’s still time – it runs until 19th February. And if you manage to get the words ‘Poster Boy’ onto that Victoria screen, then I might even break my anonymity to buy you a drink…. provided, of course, that you’re extremely beautiful.

Poster Boy

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