Switch Me On, Digitally


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade (or unless you’re my crumbling inlaws, still clinging hopefully to videos, vinyl and five free-to-air channels) you’ll know the way we all watch telly is changing.

For a lucky few, that might mean a full 3D home cinema experience with a Sky package the size of Western Australia, while for others a mere 40 inches of HD plasma pleasure will have to suffice. And while yours truly still goggles at the box in black and white (saves a fortune on the licence) even I’m going to have to upgrade to digital TV when London’s analog signal is switched off in April.

Digital UK – who are managing the switchover – have a big communications challenge on their hands to remind millions of the UK’s telly addicts that change is in the air. Perhaps it’s not surprising then, that the innovative use of outdoor is at the heart of their latest campaign.

As well as 600 T-Sides, and 1,000 supersides and interior bus panels targeting commuters a CBS Outdoor campaign (planned by MediaCom) has also turned an entire Central Line Tube train pink to raise awareness of the biggest change to broadcasting in a generation (and turned one hapless passenger into a gawping robot):

I love what they've done with the train...but if that giant teddy thing tried to chat to me on a crowded Monday morning platform I'd probably pull its head off.

The train is wrapped in Digital UK’s distinctive pink livery, as well as windows that form TV screens and switchover information on every train door. Furthermore, all Tube card panels inside the train advertise switchover and all 272 seats have been turned pink…. certainly one way of getting your message across:

There's that annoying teddy again, ruining an otherwise pleasant picture.

For the web savvy among you, Digital UK have a nifty Facebook page (though if you add their mascot as a friend I’ll think you’re a mug) and CBS have done a decent YouTube video showing how they wrapped the train.

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