All I Want For Christmas…


…is a shiny new 4×4. Why? Well, last week Euston was transformed into London’s busiest car showroom as Land Rover became the first motor company to throw the whole weight of the station’s ad space (via JCDecaux) behind their new Evoque. And it looked good.

Concourse e-screens became speedometers and digital six sheets became moving tyres, grabbing the attention of Euston’s 190,000 daily commuters wherever they were in the station.

Pretty cool.

We know Outdoor works brilliantly for automotive companies; the Outdoor audience buys more and more expensive cars – and, uniquely, it gives motor manufacturers the chance to put super-scaled versions of their vehicles in front of consumers – something that’s nigh-on impossible in any other media.

As Laura Schwab, Marketing Director of Land Rover explained:

“In the same way that Euston Station is a London landmark, so too is our latest product, the Range Rover Evoque – we wanted to make a bold visual impact at the largest mainline commuter station in London.”

It certainly does that. And, just a stone’s throw from my East London hideaway (it’s like the Batcave, but in Bethnal Green) I snapped another giant Evoque ad – making a big visual impact on the thousands of drivers negotiating the A11 in and out of the city…even those of us who, sadly, still commute on two wheels and not four.

Poster Boy

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