Wispa Me Sweet Nothings


By the OMC’s Poster Boy

As I hurried out of London last Friday morning – en route to watch my beloved Blues squander three more vital points at Nottingham Forest – my eyes caught a Bethnal Green billboard relaunching the undisputed king* of caramel-based chocolate bars for the second time in the last few years.

Most of you will remember 2009, when Cadbury’s gave away £2m of advertising space for Wispa Gold fans to share special messages with their loved ones. Thousands submitted ideas, with 900 appearing on 3,300 poster sites all over the country as the internet and outdoor combined to get people talking about a brand on a massive scale. In fact the campaign was so good that even the involvement of noted didgeridoo-botherer Rolf Harris couldn’t spoil things.

Fast forward to 2011 and Wispa Gold is back, again.

This snap was taken in central Nottingham, two hours by train and 129 miles away from the poster that had set my stomach rumbling on Cambridge Heath Road.

You don’t need a PHD in psychology to figure out what happened next:

Proof (as if we needed any more) that outdoor catches the viewer when they’re ready to receive it – in this case at elevenses. Lovely.

Two other bits of outdoor – both carefully targeted at the eyeballs of a Nottinghamshire audience – grabbed my attention as I wandered around the jewel of the Midlands. The first, for local radio station GEM 106, sits above one of the main arterial routes into the city on the side of two elevated walkways:

The second, for a car dealership, sits above the worst-protected goal in Championship history:

Not a great advert for Championship defending – but a good advert for Sytner BMW…

Poster Boy

* Crates of chocolate to the usual address. Thanks!


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