Rail media a potent mix for any brand


By Ivan Clark, OMC‘s Man on the Move

Consistently in the conversations I have had with Outdoor media owners over the course of writing these blogs, they have been keen to stress the uniqueness of their audience profiles, compared to other media channels and even other OOH.

This time I am looking at Rail media the people selling it are no different, except they are!

National Rail reaches nearly everyone. Jim Cohen, Head of Rail at JCDecaux, tells me audience segmentation analysis of research data shows a pretty even split of the population using rail. I would imagine this is excluding some sectors of the population of little interest to many consumer brands.

So it’s everywhere.

Looking at Rail from another perspective, Mike Hemmings, Head of Marketing, CBS Outdoor has some stats to back up his statement that the National Rail audience are actively looking to be entertained as they wait their seven plus average minutes on the platform or fourteen minutes on the concourse.

So people have dwell-time.

Dwell allows people the chance to take in advertising at their own pace. This is doubly-so to passengers when on the train. This audience is often in down-time, thinking about stuff outside of their jobs, explains Ian Reynolds, Managing Director, KBH On-Train Media. I should think this is particularly true when people are on the way home.

If you think this is the end of the story, not so. T4 Media with their Adgates are different again and CEO Marco Pieters says their unique proposition is ticket gates interrupt each and every commuter’s “train of thought” briefly while they verify their ticket, thus making them instantly aware of the messages around them.

Looking to the future, mobile will become even more a part of people’s media day. Rail passengers, particularly those above ground, can be prompted to follow a call to action immediately.

In October JCDecaux will launch e-motion, nine synchronised screens around the concourse at London’s Euston station in what is being billed as “a unique global creative canvas”

So Rail media delivers, and will continue to deliver, omnipresence and frequency with a combination of interruption and dwell.

Reach, memorability, disruption and a moment-in-time, this is surely a potent mix for any advertiser.


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