Test aims to establish new ROI model

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By Ivan Clark, OMC‘s Man on the Move

It is refreshing to see a test starting today where City Gateway are using technology Screach to establish whether a new business model based on cost-per response could be valid for Digital OOH.

Technologists have a habit of doing things because they can, rather than because of what people are likely to do.

Simplistically, this project lets people get their Facebook image up on a big screen in public.

I have no idea whether people would be interested in doing this. I wouldn’t because although I am a show-off, I reckon I only look good in a bar with low-lighting.

City Gateway in their experiment with Screach will find out whether other people want to get engaged.

City Gateway


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2 thoughts on “Test aims to establish new ROI model

  1. I’m with you Ivan, but I’m afraid that there is more show offs around the planet that you may think. At the end of the day this a perfect example of technology push and also comparable of dirty TV shows. Shareholders don’t mind whether it is good or not, if the market is enough interested by this low level of broadcast and you can make money so let’s go for it.

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