Banners, the Outdoor equivalent of a smack in the face

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By Ivan Clark, OMC‘s Man on the Move

Why are banners, giant billboards or building wraps, booming? According to OMC figures, advertisers spent nearly 50% more for display on them in 2010 than during 2009.

If general OOH campaigns are product placement in people’s lives, Banners are the Outdoor equivalent of a smack-in-the face; like TV’s memorable “You’ve been Tango’d” campaign.

Most media people get the broadcast qualities of 6 sheet and 48 sheet poster advertising, able to quickly achieve high reach with the frequency needed over time to indelibly plant a simple message in the brain.

I think POSTAR does the job for Outdoor with media planners using its “likelihood-to-see” audience estimates, rather than the “opportunity-to-see” model used by most other media. Banners, must have additional impact and be able to communicate in a bigger way.

For one thing, people will have a particular cone-of-vision depending on how they are moving and what they are doing. The sheer scale of most banners guarantees memorable impact to all but the most short-sighted of people, and I don’t mean those who believe all traditional media is dying/dead.

Some banners have over time become iconic locations, a kind of feature of the urban landscape.

Most banners have a massive canvas beloved of creative teams and fame-hungry brands. Even if the pack-shot is a small part of the overall picture, easily miss-able with some smaller format posters, this key brand message will still stand-out.

Banners can surprise and display a brand image where people wouldn’t be expecting it, especially valuable in neighbourhoods where the audiences appeal to those advertisers seeking kudos with this year’s trend-setters.

Banners can dominate at strategic locations like major vehicular routes in and out of city centres, often with significant dwell-times during peak traffic periods.

Banners create brand standout on a massive scale. They are the biggest medium in advertising.

It’s much more difficult to paint a memorable picture in people’s brains using radio waves, often the only other media able to reach drivers and their passengers.

If you are looking for the icing on the cake for any campaign, not just Outdoor, contact one of these: BlowUP,  Clear Channel, Mass Communications, Ocean Outdoor or Big Sky Banners, which after a recent merger, is now a division within Outdoor Plus.

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