Bus advertising gets you noticed


By Ivan Clark, OMC‘s Man on the Move

If you didn’t watch Business Nightmares with Evan Davis on BBC2 last night or last week, you missed a treat. Case histories covered include, New Coke, Hoover Free Flights, Persil Power, Sunny Delight and Mini.

I think this should have been compulsory viewing for anyone working in Advertising, PR, Marketing or Media; it is a salutary lesson in how wrong anyone can be, including experts.

They also featured Yardley, and its attempt to target a younger cosmetics buyer. Mistakenly ignoring the Englishness and traditional values defining their brand, their re-launch advertising featured a Canadian supermodel and a bunch of brand attributes they could never hope to match.

Yardley Bus

Their ad campaign was highly visible but this only made the failure even more spectacular. A marketing expert described the reasons for their media selection “to be noticed by younger customers, creating a vibrant impact on the sides of buses and posters to make people stop and look.”

Bad for Yardley, they went out of business. Great plug for Bus and Poster advertising. 

If you want to watch the show click here, the reference to buses/posters starts from 51 min 40 sec.


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