Abraham Lincoln: Outdoor Hunter

What does the name Abraham Lincoln mean to you?

Soaring oratory? Inspirational leadership? A moral and political clarity found all too rarely in modern public life?

All good answers. But a new film (produced by Tim Burton and based on a book by Seth Grahame-Smith) looks to add another quality to Abe’s enviable locker: vampire hunting.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (and no, I’m not making this up) is a mash up movie (stop giggling) which blends actual historical characters with the sort of pale skinned, blood-fancying, sub-Twilight gothic pap that your ungrateful teenage children spend all of your money consuming.

And to celebrate its release, Abe’s ad agency have produced some mashed-up outdoor media, spraying it directly onto the bricks of EC1:

At first glance, these pieces looked like just another graffitied Shoreditch wall, in a part of the world well known for its street art. It was only on the second time of passing – after seeing a traditional ad for the poster on the underground – that I clocked there was a hidden commercial message.

Does that make them less effective than a regular billboard? Or does the fact that I’m writing about them suggest the exact opposite?

Answers on a postcard to the address below.

Have a great week,


To accompany its UK release, Abe’s ad agency have indulged in a bit of mashed-up outdoor media, using some prominently placed walls in EC1 to create their own posters for the movie:


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7 Responses to Abraham Lincoln: Outdoor Hunter

  1. Mark says:

    Well, I hope they clean it off and restore the Victorian brickwork to its former glory because there is nothing to admire about criminal damage masquerading as advertising !

    • I assume they own those bricks – or got permission from the people who do. It’s all about context really – that part of London is known for its graffiti, so it doesn’t look out of place…

      Poster Boy

      • Mark says:

        Thanks for the reply. Guess your faith in trendy Hoxton types having the civic responsbility to do so is stronger than mine ! It is equally true that one man’s art is another man’s eyesore so your comment is fair enough.

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